Seeking pet loving roomie for bedroom + private bathroom, pool & gym ( - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate... (2024)

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Seeking pet loving roomie for bedroom + private bathroom, pool & gym ( - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate... (1)

2BR / 2Ba 1000ft2 available jul 1

rent period: monthly

private room

cats are OK - purrr


private bath

dogs are OK - wooof

laundry in bldg

street parking

no smoking

air conditioning

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Hi CL community! First off apologies for the book length here; I'm trying to be thorough and find the right match for both of us by giving you all the info upfront. Please tell me all about you and what makes you a good fit? Age, job, schedule and lifestyle? Also please include a photo of yourself and any pets if applicable, FB and LinkedIn profiles are also helpful, and I'm happy to share mine as well. I will remove the posting once the room is claimed with a security deposit.
Thanks for reading :-) Move in costs are up to $2,450 ($50 application fee, security deposit + rent (less if pro-rated)

Rent includes wifi, electricity, furnished common areas and fully equipped kitchen with all appliances and anything you might need to cook with. Must pass criminal background check to live in this bldg as per property mgmt. Move in flexible between July 1-August 1st. Security deposit required to claim the room prior to moving in. Will remove from rental market after deposit is paid and rental agreement signed.

Location: Franklin Village/ Hollywood Foothills. You can see the Hollywood sign from the street and all the hiking trails are super easy to access too. One block away from Gelson’s grocery store on Franklin, as well as The Oaks Gourmet, La Poubelle Bistro, Birds, Sushi Stop, Villita Cantina and Pimai Thai!
Only a 1/2 mile to Hollywood/ Western Redline Metro Stations, Ralph’s, Petco, Marshall’s, Ross, banks, Jamba Juice, Starbucks etc. Less than 1 mile to Trader Joe’s and Hollywood/Vine metro station. Tons of local places to get happy hour, Thai Town and other dining options are all walking distance too. You can actually walk all the way up Canyon Drive to enter Bronson park, Bronson Caves and the trailhead to the Hollywood sign (or just drive a mile to the park then start your hike or just chill at the picnic tables) If you don’t have a car or like to be able to walk places and drive less, this is a great location :-) Also right off the 101, and you can walk to the Netflix office if you work or need to picket there. Parking is easy, there are always spots on my street even late at night.

Building amenities include: Two brand new gas BBQ’s with courtyard that has ample dining seating and areas to relax with comfy outdoor couches, POOL that has a deep end you can jump into with layout chairs and resort style daybeds, secondary courtyard with tables and chairs, LAUNDRY ROOM, newly remodeled GYM with all new equipment, SAUNA, STEAM ROOM, locker room with bathroom and showers. The bldg is newly renovated, the market value for this room is actually $400 more but we pay less because I've been here awhile and it's a rent controlled bldg. Studios go for $2,100+ here!

Apt utilities: High Speed WiFi, TV with Netflix, Electricity, Water, Garbage, Recycling and furniture in the common areas. There's a shiatsu foot massager robot in the living room too :-)
There is an AC wall unit in between the living room and dining room, but no central air. It’s typically rare for me to use the AC or heaters in this apt because it is decently insulated.The AC does help during heat waves though, and I turned on my heater in my room probably less than 5x times last winter. Opening windows and turning on the overhead fan in summer is typically sufficient. Jump in the pool anytime you need to cool off too!

On the FLOORPLAN, the room for rent is the one on the bottom right. The X in the bathroom is your shower. Your window can be seen in the interior courtyard photo (the one without the pool) on the right side of the bldg. Apt is a corner unit and your room would be the corner room. There is a unit below us (nice quiet folks) and 2 units above us (quiet senior man, never hear him) Unit is ground level/ same level as the pool courtyard, but 1 floor up from the interior courtyard. Unit across the hall is a model unit, so it's permanently empty.

Kitchen amenities include: DISHWASHER, fridge/freezer, oven, stove top, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, blender, crock pot, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, tupperwares, etc. I like to cook so I pretty much own everything already and you don’t need to buy stuff, but if you have a fancier blender than mine or an air fryer that would be a cool contribution! I also have a cooler if you host a BBQ/ pool gathering and want cold drinks outside. For that matter, you can borrow my tent and go camping too LOL

Living Room: Couch is a 3 seater sectional with chaise lounge, coffee table, cat tree, wine fridge, TV (streaming) and DVD player, plenty of books to read and a few board games. If you have an amazing living room set, I am not attached to keeping things identical in shared spaces. Same applies for wall art. We can make the space our own together. Just let me know your ideas :-)

Dining area: Large wooden dining table with 4 chairs next to the kitchen and under a window with trees and squirrels to look at outside. Overhead fan with light. Can host an intimate dinner party.

Balcony: Has table with 2 chairs and a big sliding glass door. Same trees and squirrels to watch as the dining area window.

Pet friendly: Landlord charges pet rent to new tenants so if you have a dog then this may apply as they’ll see you walking it. I’m personally opposed to pet rent, since they don’t have jobs! ESA’s = no pet rent ;-) If you have a pet, please tell me all about them in detail and include a photo of your pet. They must get along with my pets of course too.

BEDROOM WITH CLOSET: The room is medium sized at 11x12+ feet, which does not include the closet that is 11 feet wide and 2+ feet deep, or the additional space in the ensuite bathroom. Your total private space is 11x19 feet.
I recommend a queen or full size bed which can fit in various ways and still leave room for a desk and dresser as well. North facing wide window with blinds. Can provide a curtain rod if you'd rather have curtains. If you want to wallpaper or paint an accent wall or other changes within reason, that’s an option. There’s a wall heater in the room. You may enjoy having a fan in your bedroom for the summer. I do have a bedroom lamp you are welcome to use.

ENSUITE BATHROOM WITH CLOSET: Size is 11 feet wide by 4 1/2 feet deep. Tiled flooring, newly reglazed shower stall with frosted glass door, toilet, sink, mirror and bathroom closet with some very deep shelves to store all your beauty needs and linens (you can also put a litterbox back there if you have a cat) There's an over the toilet shelf for additional storage to maximize the space. If you ever want to take a bath, feel free to take advantage of times I’m out of town to use mine ;-) Bathroom photo is example of layout, shower already has a glass door installed. Mirror in the bathroom doesn't extend over the toilet area it's just above the sink, but besides that it's fairly similar. Will take an updated pic when my roomie provides one.

PETS ALREADY LIVING IN THE APT: Calm and quiet (amazon package alerts hit or miss lol, she doesn't always bark to notify and never barks for no reason) friendly big dog and a cat who cuddles the dog. Must love pets and ideally be willing to petsit occasionally when I travel for vacation or an occasional short business trip. If you have pets I can return the favor. I often go on SoCal trips with my dog, and the cat stays behind. For plane trips or biz trips, I have to leave both pets behind. If you are not willing to petsit or are not OK with a petsitter staying and helping out if you can't do it, then kindly do not apply.

About me: I like to cook, hike, swim, travel, hang out with my pets, read and stream film/TV. I work a hybrid schedule (some admin from home, but most of my work is outside the home with no set schedule) I often work outside the home evenings and weekends as a field market manager in the liquor industry. Sometimes I leave town to work a tradeshow or other 2-4 day event. I also do SAG work so I might be gone long days if I'm on set.
I usually go to bed between 10-11pm and get up around 8-9am. There are quiet hours in this apt bldg after 10pm and it is important that my future roommate be respectful of my sleep and our neighbors sleep.
I’m an omnivore that also eats fake meat. I’m not religious at all, and left wing. I’m from the SF Bay Area originally. I was a theatre major, music minor in college. I still go see plays and to jazz nights, and enjoy outdoor concerts. As far as music at home goes, I listen to jazz, blues, reggae, deep/ tropical house, pop, rock, classical… In my car I jam to old school hip hop on KDay. I don’t listen to death metal, trance, country, polka or mariachi. I also do not watch sports or reality TV. I read the news, I don’t watch it on TV. I enjoy watching sci-fi, drama, thrillers, comedy and once in a while a rom-com.

About you: Ideally, you are responsible, clean, quiet, considerate, easy going, and have a job that is in person.
Your values are hopefully similar to mine, and you appreciate the company of my cat and dog. You have your life together and have no issue paying rent on time and have the cashflow required to move in.
You are proactive about routine tasks that need to be done such as emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash/ recycling, vacuuming and swiffering the kitchen as needed. You are easy to communicate with and friendly.

Lastly NO CIGARETTE SMOKERS! That means you don’t smoke cigs and you also do not let guests smoke cigs even on the balcony. Tobacco I can’t smell like a vape pen is fine. Please do not apply to live here if you are a smoker as I cannot stand the smell (although hookah doesn't bother me) but I am 420 friendly. Vape pens and edibles are all OK in the living room. Feel free to smoke weed in your room. Please don't do hard drugs in the apt, if you party hard at Coachella or Burning Man that’s totally cool ;-) Just don’t bring a bunch of randos home in the middle of the night and wake me up doing co*ke on the glass coffee table haha! Also, a heads up on alcohol: If you have no self control and will drink all my booze and act a fool every day… just don’t apply. I work in liquor and I'm more than happy to share my work perks, but this is not an apt that would be a good fit for someone struggling with recovery or trying to get sober. Too much temptation as I have a stocked home bar. Social drinkers welcome!

For more info on the bldg:

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    Seeking pet loving roomie for bedroom + private bathroom, pool & gym ( - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate... (2024)
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