PBR OK OSSAA Team Previews: Yukon Millers (2024)

February 28, 2023
Scott Hood
OK/MO/KS/ARK Assistant Scouting Director

The Oklahoma high school baseball season kicks off on Feb. 20th for A-B, and March 1st for 2A-6A. Over the next several weeks, leading up to opening day, we’ll be publishing our team previews ahead of the 2023 spring season, touching on programs spanning all state classifications, leading into a countdown through the official PBR Oklahoma Preseason Power 25 Rankings.

We’ve submitted a Preseason Questionnaire to high school head coaches across the entire state. Their responses have been flooding in and we’re using the detailed insight they’ve provided as well as our own coverage on players in our team-by-team preseason analysis.

PBR OK OSSAA Team Previews: Yukon Millers (1)

Team: Yukon Millers
2022 Record:22-17
Classification: 6A
Head Coach:Ryan Phillips
Years at the Helm: 1st year at Yukon (9 total)


The Millers in 2022 had to overcome adversity with the changing of head coaches in the middle of the season but found a way to finish winning 12 out of their last 14 regular season games. In 2023 it is now Coach Phillips' squad after leading the Edmond Santa Fe Wolves to the 6A State Title game. With a new approach and locker room atmosphere to go along with a strong returning senior class, the Millers have high hopes heading into their 2023 campaign. Like most high school programs, the Millers will have a lot of new faces to break into both the lineup as well as on the mound and getting these players comfortable and settled into their roles will pay dividends as the season continues. With all the new faces it is in the infield where they return a bulk of their experience with multiple guys having a couple of years under their belts. With some power in the middle of the order to go along with their cohesiveness in the locker room, don't sleep on the Millers in 2023 as they are a sleeper to make some noise in the 6A slate.


Ethan Horton, RHP, 2023, Cowley County commit

Horton enters his senior year as one of the more projectable arms in the class with a clean arm action from his 6-foot-5 and 185-pound frame. This past summer saw Horton reach up to 90 mph and a hard slider in the upper 70's that has the potential as a plus pitch. Horton will continue to be one to keep an eye on in the future as he heads to Cowley next fall and with added strength to his lean frame, he has a chance to be a serious juco prospect in a couple of years.

2023 RHP ⁦@theEthanHorton⁩ (Yukon) was very impressive on the bump at the Upperclass Games featuring a FB 88-90 w/some arm side run and a 76-80 mph SL w/short shape and depth. Projectable lanky build with good hand speed pic.twitter.com/R5A2czS731

— PBR Oklahoma (@PBR_Oklahoma) June 27, 2022

Trevin Pettigrew, LHP/1B, 2023, Murray State JC commit

Pettigrew has some of the most experience on the roster after being a mainstay in both the lineup as well as on the pitching staff over the past couple of years. Pettigrew has done great work on his body and frame over the past couple of years that has translated into more athleticism and even more power. Last spring Pettigrew hit 8 homers anchoring the middle of the lineup as well as worked in the starting rotation showing his impact on both sides of the ball. The Millers will heavily rely on both his production from the middle of the order as well as his arm to help them take another step in 2023.

2023 1B @PettigrewTrev53 delivers again for @YukonMillerBB, this time with an oppo double to the wall. Shows power to all fields and feel for the barrel. pic.twitter.com/gfMBQpcvkG

— PBR Oklahoma (@PBR_Oklahoma) March 4, 2022

Logan Troxell, MIF, 2023

Troxell returns to the middle infield for the Millers entering his third year as an everyday starter. Troxell has smooth actions defensively and shows the ability to make all the necessary plays with good bounce and soft hands. At the plate he has a short and compact stroke that allows him to shoot the ball to all fields effectively. With his experience and leadership qualities, the Millers will rely on his table setting abilities as well as anchoring the middle of the infield.

2023 INF @logantroxell2 (Yukon OK) continues to deliver for @Sandlot_Tulsa driving in another run with a solid line drive to left after battling with 2 strikes. Athletic swing and a tough out at the plate.

— Scott Hood PBR (@PBRHood) July 24, 2021

Colton Strange, C, 2023, UCO commit

Strange returns as the everyday backstop for the Millers and will be looking to build off a strong junior campaign in 2022. Strange does a great job of working with pitchers and handling the staff as well as shows a quick release and strong overall arm strength. Strange uses his rhythmic swing to show some pull-side pop and some advanced hand strength at contact. Between his duties of handling the staff and working behind the plate, Strange will also be relied upon to provide some punch from the middle of the order and providing them much needed run-production.

Luke Graham, OF/RHP, 2024

Graham enters his junior campaign ready for a breakout season after showing off his hard work in the off-season. Graham recently showed off his skills at the OKC Preseason ID where he made loud consistent contact with exit velocities working up to 98.4 mph with strong leverage and quick hands. With his projectable 6-foot-2 and 190-pound frame, look for Graham to continue to make big strides in his game and make an impact on the Miller roster in 2023.


2024 OF @graham27luke (@yukonmillerbb) impressed w/an event leading 98.4 mph exit velo making consistently hard contact also leading the event w/an avg 89.9 mph. Ball jumps off the barrel w/strong leverage & advanced athleticism

?: https://t.co/N8E1X0UfBp pic.twitter.com/9ujNtUX2sY

— PBR Oklahoma (@PBR_Oklahoma) February 3, 2023


Wyatt Pace, INF, 2023, Coffeyville CC commit

Chance Owens, OF/P, 2024

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PBR OK OSSAA Team Previews: Yukon Millers (2024)
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