My Lady Jane Soundtrack Guide: Every Song & When They Play (2024)


  • My Lady Jane is a historical fiction television series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The show is based on the novel "Lady Jane Grey" by Eva Ibbotson and follows the story of Jane Grey, who becomes the queen of England at the age of 16. The series features a mix of romance, drama, and political intrigue, set in the 16th century.
  • Here are the songs featured in each episode of My Lady Jane:
  • Episode 1 Songs:

Warning: Spoilers for My Lady Jane

Prime Video's My Lady Jane retells history with a new look at Tudor-style England’s politics and music. The series’ official soundtrack features only nine covers of famous songs. However, the show makes specific use of many other songs, most of them being notably recent. This decision to use modern music in a historical tale reflects the show’s subversion of the typical storytelling style for shows about this subject. Other melodies created for the series to underscore scenes and dramatic moments are a mix of mischievous medieval-style music and pop music.

My Lady Jane is the story of Jane Grey (Emily Bader) and her new husband Guildford (Edward Bluemel), who rise to the crown under unlikely circ*mstances and struggle to maintain power against the logical next-in-line Mary (Kate O’Flynn) and her partner Lord Seymour (Dominic Cooper). With a few new additions like the animal-Ethians and the human-Verities conflict, the events and characters in My Lady Jane are based on real-life historical figures. Gripping throughout the eight-episode series, My Lady Jane subverts history with its season's ending and uses its soundtrack to help set the show’s tone and style.


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All Songs in My Lady JaneArtistYearEpisode #
“Rebel”Tegan and Sara20031
“All Day and All of the Night”Kate Nash20121
“I Didn’t Like You Anyway”The Donnas19991
“Vertigo”Alice Merton20221
“Cha Cha Twist”The Detroit Cobras19982
“Holy Roller”Emily Wolfe20192
“Angelica”Wet Leg20222
“Tainted Love”*Goat Girl20242
“Wild Thing”*Black Honey20242
“Beaches”Black Honey20212
“Trick Pony”Charlotte Gainsbourg20092
“Glory Box”Portishead19813
“We Got The Beat”The Go-Go’s19813
“Come Together”Oneiric19693
“Boogeyman”Dead Posey20183
“I’m a Man”*Lizzie Esau20243
“Kashmir”Led Zeppelin19754
“Rill Rill”Sleigh Bells20104
“Supernatural”Deap Vally20224
“Moon Dust”Cherry Glazerr20174
“Nights in White Satin”Moody Blues19674
“Heavy Cross”Gossip20095
“Wet Dream”Wet Leg20225
“California Screaming”Liz Lawrence20205
“20th Century Boy”Girlschool20185
“Cleopatra”Nova Twins20225
“So Sweet I Could Die”Lucia & The Best Boys20235
“She’s Not There”*Griff20245
“Stayin’ Alive”Tropical F*ck Storm20186
“You Really Got Me”Sheena & The Rokkets19796
“Ooh La La”Goldfrapp20056
“This Town”The Go-Go’s19816
“The Chain”*Chinchilla20246
“Swing Low”Gossip20017
“Dreamer”*Katy J. Pearson20247
“Fear Is Like a Forest”Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile20177
“Dream Baby Dream”Savages20147
“Sail Away”*HotWax20248
“Bring It On”Deap Vally20188
“Ever Fallen In Love”*Yonaka20248
“I Feel Free”*Poppy Ajudha20248

*denotes songs that were made specifically for the show.

My Lady Jane Episode 1 Songs

“Who’ll Be The Next In Line?”

“Rebel” by Tegan and Sara - In establishing shots of Jane’s rebelliousness, “Rebel” by Tegan and Sara plays, and she and her friend run through the field collecting flowers. The audience immediately feels that Jane isn’t quite the proper girl she’s expected to be.

“All Day and All of the Night” by Kate Nash - In the spirit of Jane’s rebelliousness, Jane’s handmaiden Susannah (Máiréad Tyers) is seen receiving oral sex with a secret lover while “All Day and All of the Night” by Kate Nash plays. The song emphasizes the rebellious and hidden nature of the girls and continues as they set off to run away together.

“I Didn’t Like You Anyway” by The Donnas - After Jane runs away and hides from her family and guards, she enters a rowdy tavern, and “I Didn’t Like You Anyway” by The Donnas plays in the bar's background.

“Vertigo” by Alice Merton - “Vertigo” by Alice Merton plays on Jane’s wedding day as she prepares to marry her enemy Lord Guildford Dudley. With the help of her sister Margaret (Robyn Betteridge), she is preparing a scam to get out of the wedding. At the wedding ceremony, she realizes Guildford is not who she thought he was.

My Lady Jane Episode 2 Songs

“Wild Thing”

“Cha Cha Twist” by The Detroit Cobras - Picking up where the last episode ended, with Jane passed out on the church floor, “Cha Cha Twist” by The Detroit Cobras plays. After her encounter with the healer, Jane returns to the wedding and finishes saying her vows and marrying Guildford.

“Holy Roller” by Emily Wolfe - After the wedding, “Holy Roller” by Emily Wolfe plays at the reception as Jane and Guildford talk to each other for the first time since their marriage.

“Angelica” by Wet Leg - At the wedding reception, as everyone chants for Jane and Guildford to kiss, “Angelica” by Wet Leg plays. Guildford teases Jane and the crowd by refusing to kiss her.

“Tainted Love” by Goat Girl - As Jane and Guildford prepare for the dreaded Bedding Ceremony in front of the wedding guests, “Tainted Love” by Goat Girl plays. The song plays as the two pretend to consummate their marriage to get all the partygoers to leave.

“Wild Thing” by Black Honey - When Jane looks for Guildford by the stables, she finds him bathing himself, as “Wild Thing” by Black Honey plays. Shots of him nakedly showering play in slow motion.

“Beaches” by Black Honey - After Jane and her cousin King Edward (Jordan Peters) get into an argument, Jane walks off with a renewed rebellious spirit, and “Beaches” by Black Honey plays.

“Trick Pony” by Charlotte Gainsbourg - After Jane and Guildford have a surprisingly intimate and personal moment, “Trick Pony” by Charlotte Gainsbourg plays as they finally seem to be developing a mutual respect. Though they both seem to want to kiss each other, they don’t, and the moment and the song ends abruptly.

My Lady Jane Episode 3 Songs

“With a Girl Like You”

“Glory Box” by Portishead - As Jane begins researching Guildford’s Ethian ailment, “Glory Box” by Portishead plays. The narrator contrasts Jane’s reality of doing work and the expectation for marital relations, amplified by the sensual song. Eventually, Jane and Guildford end up in a romantic and tempting situation, but neither makes a move before Guildford transforms again.

“We Got The Beat” by The Go-Go’s - “We Got The Beat” by The Go-Go’s plays at the introduction of Jane’s sister Katherine and her new husband, the Duke of Leicester. Katherine looks stunned at her fate.

“Come Together” by Oneiric - After making a bet about who’s a better fighter in the dark woods, “Come Together” by Oneiric plays as Jane and Guildford fight and disarm each other.

“Boogeyman” by Dead Posey - After defending themselves in the woods, Jane and Guildford kiss for the first time, and “Boogeyman” by Dead Posey plays. It plays over them later as they continue kissing in Jane’s room at home. Jane ends the affair, saying she wants a divorce before anything can happen.

‘I’m a Man” by Lizzie Esau - Now that Jane and Guildford have returned to an awkward formal relationship, Guildford goes out to the barn to transform, and ‘I’m a Man” by Lizzie Esau plays.

My Lady Jane Episode 4 Songs

“Bluebird Is Dead”

“Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin - After finding out about the death of King Edward at the end of the last episode, Jane and Guildford go to their new home, the castle, now that Jane has been named queen. “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin plays during their tearful carriage ride.

“Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells - As Jane’s mom lavishes in the royal lifestyle, “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells plays. Jane faces her first trial as the queen, judging Dudley’s involvement in the death of King Edward.

“Supernatural” by Deap Vally - Jane and Guildford make out in her room to “Supernatural” by Deap Vally, but Guildford ends things before they can go any further.

“Moon Dust” by Cherry Glazerr - As Jane hosts her first supper party, the stakes are raised, and “Moon Dust” by Cherry Glazerr plays. Mary and Lord Seymour plan to kill Jane as revenge for her taking the throne.

“Nights in White Satin” by Moody Blues - Guildford’s brother sings “Nights in White Satin” by Moody Blues outside of Frances’ window, where he admits that he loves her and asks her to marry him.

My Lady Jane Episode 5 Songs

“I’m Gonna Change the World”

“Heavy Cross” by Gossip - After Jane stands up for herself to the Counselors, she leaves the room smugly, and “Heavy Cross” by Gossip plays.

“Wet Dream” by Wet Leg - Jane and Guildford finally admit that they like each other and decide to have sex. “Wet Dream” by Wet Leg plays as they fool around in the barn.

“California Screaming” by Liz Lawrence - Jane prepares for her first royal banquet as the queen, and “California Screaming” by Liz Lawrence plays as she gets dressed in a gown by a handmaid.

“20th Century Boy” by Girlschool - As Jane and Guildford enter the royal banquet, “20th Century Boy” by Girlschool plays, and everyone dances and drinks merrily.

My Lady Jane is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

“Cleopatra” by Nova Twins - To everyone’s surprise, Jane invited some Ethians to the party to show everyone that they aren’t as harmful and dangerous as everyone believes. “Cleopatra” by Nova Twins plays as they enter the banquet with unprecedented confidence.

“So Sweet I Could Die” by Lucia & The Best Boys - Jane and Guildford fight as she reveals that there is no cure for his Ethianism, and she’s been lying to him all along. “So Sweet I Could Die” by Lucia & The Best Boys plays as he storms off, and she runs after him.

“She’s Not There” by Griff - Jane finally figures out that Mary and Seymour were poisoning King Edward, but when she confronts the pair, they have left already. “She’s Not There” by Griff plays as Mary is seen fleeing in a carriage.

My Lady Jane Episode 6 Songs

“I Feel Free”

“Stayin Alive” by Tropical F*ck Storm - Jane feels more at home on the throne, giving orders for the troops to find Mary, who now poses an even greater threat to Jane. “Stayin Alive” by Tropical F*ck Storm plays, emphasizing Jane’s renewed struggle to avoid danger.

“You Really Got Me” by Sheena & The Rokkets - In an attempt to get him to turn into his Ethian self, Edward fights Granny, and “You Really Got Me” by Sheena & The Rokkets plays.

“Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp - Jane hosts a sports tournament despite a storm outside. “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp plays as Jane and the other noblemen bowl.

“This Town” by The Go-Go’s - Norfolk (Will Keen) and Archer (Michael Workeye) make a bet and bowl for Ethian rights and the end of the Division Law. “This Town” by The Go-Go’s plays as the stakes rise and Archer reveals that he is noble, despite his Ethianism, catching Norfolk off guard.

“The Chain” by Chinchilla - As Jane is threatened for her attempt to end the Division Law with the Ethians, “The Chain” by Chinchilla plays over clips of her being chased out of the castle and Guildford running as a horse in the countryside.

My Lady Jane Episode 7 Songs

“Another Girl, Another Planet”

“Swing Low” by Gossip - Mary has now taken over as the queen, as Jane has lost support from her former subjects. “Swing Low” by Gossip plays as Mary enters the throne room for the first time as the queen.

“Dreamer” by Katy J. Pearson - Disgraced, Jane returns to her home, where she waits for her punishment for her treason against Queen Mary. “Dreamer” by Supertramp plays as she arrives on horseback.

“Fear Is Like a Forest” by Cortney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Guildford returns after leaving Jane, and the couple reunites in a passionate love scene in Jane’s bed as “Fear Is Like a Forest” by Cortney Barnett & Kurt Vile plays.

“Dark Horse” by The Velveteers - As Jane rides into the castle on horseback for her trial with Queen Mary, “Dark Horse” by The Velveteers plays, foreboding her grim future.

“Dream Baby Dream” by Savages - It is finally discovered that Guildford is an Ethian, which causes outrage among the noble people. As Jane and Guildford stand together for what may be the last time, “Dream Baby Dream” by Savages plays, and the credits begin.

My Lady Jane Episode 8 Songs

“God Save The Queen”

“Sail Away” by HotWax - Jane is led to the Tower of London, where she is to await her execution, and “Sail Away” by HotWax plays.

“Bring It On” by Deap Vally - Jane is going to be executed at a large party where everyone is rowdy and drinking, cheering for Queen Mary. “Bring It On” by Deap Vally plays as Mary walks victoriously into the crowd.

“Ever Fallen in Love” by Yonaka - As the Ethians help free Jane and fight back against their oppressors, “Ever Fallen in Love” by Yonaka plays riotously.

“I Feel Free” by Poppy Ajudha - “I Feel Free” by Poppy Ajudha plays over a conclusive montage of all the couples at the end of My Lady Jane, specifically emphasizing Jane and Guildford’s conversation about their future.

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My Lady Jane (2024)



My Lady Jane is a Prime Video original series created by Gemma Burgess. The story is a "what if" style story of English royal history where King Henry VIII's son Edward, Lady Jane Grey, and her husband Guildford all survive their real-life deaths. In the retelling of history, Jane Grey takes center stage, becoming queen and immediately finding herself facing nefarious villains.

Emily Bader , Edward Bluemel , Jordan Peters , Anna Chancellor , Dominic Cooper , Jim Broadbent , Will Keen , Rob Brydon , Kate O'Flynn , Máiréad Tyers , Robyn Betteridge

Release Date
June 27, 2024

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Prime Video

Jodi Meadows , Brodi Ashton , Cynthia Hand

Jamie Babbit , Stefan Schwartz

Gemma Burgess , Meredith Glynn
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Gemma Burgess
My Lady Jane Soundtrack Guide: Every Song & When They Play (2024)
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