[MOD] Variety and Rebalance Overhaul (VRO) 4.x (2024)

Patch notes

Patch 4.10
- Update of all 7.0 and Timelines DLC for VRO balance
- Increased travel thrust for all M engines by approx 20%
- Fixed Kitsune not able to fire torpedoes when piloted by AI
- Fixed few other small issues

Patch 4.04
- Steam release (Now you need VRO_assets mod for main mod to work)

- Fixed Boron dumbfire turrets not working
- Fixed one missing Split texture
- Updated some localization files (thanks to all contributors)

Patch 4.03
- Many bug fixes
- Updated localization files for German, Russian, Chinese and Korean (thanks to Oorillon, Fallout, zhuangxiaofeng and gotoap)

Patch 4.02
- Tweaked lowattention parameters, which should be closer to IS now. (But remember that it will never be perfect.)
- Bumped travel speed for all M engines by around 15-20%
- Slightly nerfed CIWS turrets (were too effective, now they are just good), slightly buffed M flak turrets
- Fixed several bugs

Patch 4.01
- fixed Trinity jobs active from start
- properly added new jobs for Court and Trinity to be activated via mission

Patch 4.0
known issues:
- only ENG localization updated

YOU CAN continue previous saves, as U decided to not make huge rework in some aspects, but READ the following and sell ships that were removed before loading in a new save (roll back to 5.1 to do that, or simply load the game and suffer some bugs).

Changes to make dogfights more interesting and S/M ships more survivable and useful:
- decreased projectile speed of most S weapons by around 10%
- improved damage of M guns by around 10%
- decreased damage of M and L turrets by 5-15% depending on turret
- slightly reduced speed of all S ships, mostly for mk3 and mk4 engines

Ship changes:
- Added Titan and replaced Fulmar model by Lc4Hunter assets
- Removed Terran cruisers (Makharia, Akita, Sapporo, Shikoku)
- Moved Centaur to Vigor Syndicate
- Added Enhanced Cyclops to argons, old Cyclops is now antigone only, thanks Axeface!
- Added 2 L frigates, one for Terrans and one for Pioneers, thanks Lint5!

Other changes:
- updated all ships to 6.0 compatibility
- updated flak guns for new mechanics
- updated influence effects of some weapons
- changed all railguns and meson gun to have slow gimbal speed instead of fixed, to help AI using them
- slightly nerfed Khaak shields regen
- fixed incorrect cargo for some ships
- updated OOS combat parameters, please report any weirdness
- balance pass for many ships
- many many small changes/tweaks/bugfixes, polishing

Patch 3.4
This patch is savegame compatible but some changes to ships may not impact already existing ships, so keep an eye on that.

- Reworked Terran Cruisers and their costs:
Shikoku - removed some L turrets, decreased costs, now covers fast frigate role better
Makharia - moved to PIO, they use them more instead of Osakas, decreased amount of L turrets, now on par with Osaka
Akita - decreased amount of L turrets, now fills the gap of heavy destroyer.
Sapporo - moved to PIO (2 battleships is too much for Terrans), rebalanced, reduced amount of turrets, increased radar range.

- Added new Paranid Battleship model thanks to Argon Matt! Name is the same as previous one - Deimos, old one is removed from faction and cant be built but existing ships will remain untill they die.
- Fixed Hound incorrect dock position.
- Fixed Shrike incorrect dock position.
- Removed ability of Xenon stations to equip invisible missile launchers (new stations only).
- Reverted change to Terran default paintmod, new ships should now have paint with red markings as in vanilla.
- Increased fighter capacity of Fulmar.
- Completely removed Argon Titan from the game
- Other minor fixes here and there.

Patch 3.3.6
This is a minor patch to fix outstanding issues and make it possible to upload to steam. (mod was too large for workshop, converting sounds to OGG helped to reduce it)

- Rebalance of Terran cruisers, should not be OP now.
- You can now again buy old Paranid ships as it seems some missions still request them from player.
- Fixed incorrect costs for some S and M guns and turrets
- Fixed paranid tri-beam turret preventing player from walking on ships bridge
- Other minor fixes here and there

Patch 3.3.5
This is mostly polish of the 3.3 version made for ToA compatibility, DLC is now REQURIED for the mod to work!, if you want to use it without ToA, here is the previous version that will not be supported further.

- Fixed VRO missiles not having "closed loop" production methods
- Fixed ALI wharf in new DLC sectors missing internal shields for ships it sells (new game only)
- Fixed some ships in story or game starts missing internal shields (only if those ships were now built/spawned yet)
- Lowered sound of some weapons that were a bit too loud
- Removed X2 Titan ship, it was a bit out of place. It will be reused in future as relic ship.
- Updated new terran crusiers to the latest version from "Terran Cruisers" mod version and some prices adjusted. Other ships from the mod will not be part of VRO for now, but author planned to release them as separate mod.

Patch notes for 3.3 if you missed them:
- Updated for 5.x of the game and ToA DLC, all new ships balanced
- Old Paranid ships are fully removed, you wont be able to buy them from AI shipyards.
- Replaced Corona battleships with model form ArgonMatt
- Updated vanilla battleships, Deimos a bit faster +2 turrets, Fulmar a bit more HP +1 L turret, changed position of Fulmar turrets
- Lowered OOS damage of stations to be closer to IS
- Made most L turrets tracking speed lower
- Xenons now have new LX fighter-bomber with torpedoes

Patch 3.1
- Rebalanced M turrets - damage is lower by 10-15% depending on turret, should make battles longer and will make S and M ships survive a bit more.
- Rebelanced M shields - 15% stronger to give that needed survivability to M ships, increased M ships hull by 10-15% to make them even more sturdy
- Improved M weapons damage slightly to make them more viable
- Nerfed station OOS damage so they are not OP
- Fixed ATF battleship main gun being destructible
- Increased default units capacity of M ships
- Updated starting equipment for Terran Cadet start so not to mess with "collect mine" mission
- Improved possibility of AI faction fitting their ships with torpedo launchers
- Revert hull points buff for defense modules back to vanilla values to make platforms more vulnerable to attacks (administrative module hull buff did not change)
- Correction of typos

Patch 3.0.6
- Improved small shield mk1-mk2-mk3 capacity by 5%-20%-35% accordingly, to be more aligned with shield costs. This should also make fighters a bit more sturdy.
- Increased damage of Asgard main gun by approx 30%
- Decreased AOE explosion range of Starburst from 1000 to 400 meters, should solve most friendly fire issues.
- Slightly decreased station damage OOS vs capital ships
- Slightly increased travel speed of terran large engines
- Fixed terran dumb fire turrets using guided missiles
- Fixed incorrect tags on Tau accelerator and Heavy Tau accelerator preventing from equipping them

Patch 3.0.5
- reworked OOS calc, station should now damage ships properly. Note that its impossible make OOS completely the same as IS due to how it works, and main calculations for it are hardcoded so i do what I can.
- fixed some missing effects references

Patch 3.0.4
- fixed Magpie missing internal shield
- fixed Heavy scatter gun being heavy instead of light weapon
- fixed price of Meson lance

Patch 3.0.1
- slightly modified OOS calc to improve small ships surviveability
- fixed Pioneers starting ship lacking internal generator
- updated Russian translation
- added back functionality to provide encyclopedia entries for internal generator on new game (will require a save-load cycle on ongoing saves to work)

Patch 3.0
- VRO is now updated to COH DLC and it now REQUIRED it to work. All Terran equipment and ships were rebalanced for VRO.
- Mod is now updated for 4.0 systems, including reworked OOS calc etc.
- Split are getting new Viper missile frigate, with unique launchers and “Serpent nest” swarm missiles.
- Terrans are getting new light carrier Chiba.
- Terrans are getting new weapons – Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon, Graviton Cannon, Starburst Shockwave cannon, Point Singularity Projector. Note that Terran heavy weapons can be used only by Terran ships.
- All internal generators will be visible in UI and in wharf/shipyard that makes it much clear how they work and what exact benefits ships get from it. This will be mandatory equipment and ship cannot be ordered/ bought without it.
- Light and Heavy weapons will be clearly separated in UI now, light ones are called “Standard” and heavy – “High-powered”.
- S engines thrust was reduced by 10%, M engines by 5%, ships will still be faster than in vanilla. “No highways” mod is still recommended.
- Shield and regeneration values were a bit rebalanced, now capital ships have higher regens that makes them feel more robust. Most heavy weapons received boost to their shield damage to counter this slightly, so weapon choice is now more important depending on the targets you plan to face.
- Missile costs reworked depending more on their damage-per-capacity.
- All X3 ships, that VRO adds, received texture update and it’s now possible to use paint mods on them.
- Ion weapons will now slow down targets they hit. Weapons like Concussion generators will now push targets slightly.
- Xenon U is now not active on game start and will appear only after first 60 hours in the game.
- Numerous small fixes and balance tweaks.
- VRO wiki is updated, list of recommended mods have changed slightly, please revisit.

Patch 2.3.4
After some feedback Xenon u was slightly changed:
- Tiny decrease in weapon damage
- increased construction time and resources cost, U should be more rare sight now.
- U now has unique icon
Bugs fixed:
- few missing sounds
- missing icons for split missile turrets, powered beam turrets and plasma bomb
- German Titan description shortened

Patch 2.3.3
Noticable changes
- Beam Weapon rebalance: they are now are a bit better against hull, but have lower damage then previously vs shielded targets (Argon Ion Projector is still anti-shield weapon and Teladi Positron Beam still has equal damage to shield and hull).
This is done to make them more interesting and give a small penalty for their precision and overall reliability.
- Xenon U gets its own icon
- Decreased number of Hounds to make them more rare
- Decrease AOE effect range of some missiles to make stripping turrets less trivial.

- Fixed Hound wreck geometry
- Cleaned Hound and U asset files to remove debug errors (had no impact on game)
- Fixed sound of Lancer
- Fixed Tomahawk missile having small explosion visuals

- Split DLC is not required (egosoft fixed dependency issues)
- Added recommended mods as optional dependencies.

Patch 2.3.2
- fixed Xenon U-class selected instead of I for its jobs
- changed shield regen shield delay mods so they are useful now

Patch 2.3.1
- Fixed Hound engine groups
- Updated material cost for new XEN U-class, was copy paste from K
- TEL, PAR, ARG battleships can now use power beam turrets for 2 turrets (Corona 2 in front, Deimos 2 on top, Fulmar 2 on mid section)

Version 2.3
Fully compatible with previous saves.
Final MAJOR version before next DLC, some small additions and fixes are possible if needed.

Notable changes:
- New Paranid Hyperion frigate, tried to have it as close in functionality to X3 as possible.
- New Argon Cyclops Frigate (thanks to Axeface), more beffy frigate with more focus on support then direct damage dealing. Cyclops battleship is now renamed to Corona.
- New Pirate unique destroyer Hound (Thanks to BrummBear) + pirate uniqie L turret.
- New Xenon U, XL carrier with unique weapons layout and powerful forward-facing beam projector.
- Rework of some slow missiles, now faster, some missile costs were changed.
- Centaur and Hyperion spinal weapons now have small 5 degrees gimbal to help with targeting
- other small updates and balancing.

- some flak weapons redone to better work OOS
- some change in texts.
- quite bugs squashed.
- some audio updated.

2.x Versions:



Version 2.1.9
Fully compatible with previous saves.
Smallish update this time, but important for OOS balance. Note that While I tried to bring OOS calculations as close as possible through numerous tests there are still some outliers that are impossible to fix due to the nature how OOS is being calculated (like a bit too survivable M ships in some situations or when ship with turrets can apply damage to 15 fighters at the same time), only Egosoft can fix those and IIRC they have this in their plans.

Notable changes:
- Xenon P damage, health and speed nerfed a bit.
- Fixed modifiers omission that lead to stations did not deal enough damage to capital ships in OOS.
- Another OOS pass trying to fix some outliers
- Added Cormorant Vanguard to Teladi Warfs (making MIN love to get that ship felt mostly like grind and not something I enjoyed really.)

- updated jobs for DAGO compatibility (missed few last time)

Version 2.1.8
Fully compatible with previous saves.
At first I decided to hold and wait for full 3.2 release that I hoped will be out last Friday, but it didnt. Instead I cut out some things I planned and now this mod is more a balancing patch and QoL improvement. Content patch will be the next one.

Notable Xenon Changes:
- decreased amount of Xenons Is in attacking fleets from 3-5 to 1-2 in galaxy. 2 attacking Is will be a very rare sight.
- increased amount of Xen destroyers in defense fleets only (they will not attack), so they will not loose territories that fast to some factions.

Other notable changes:
- Missile prices in credits went down a bit more to eliminate huge profitability from them, high-end missiles are still expensive.
- balanced S and M beam weapons
- balanced all Muon guns, Heavy mortar and Boson Lance.
- Shield modules capacities were rebalanced, L/XL +3%, M +20%, S +25%. This will make fighters a bit more survivable.
- OOS modifiers were revamped again, should be closer to IS now, rattlesnakes should not dominate OOS as they did before
- Based on performance - Rattlesnake is tiny bit more expensive and slower, Teladi Phoenix is a bit cheaper.
- nerfed Split Heavy Lance, was unintentionally too powerful making it weapon of choice in most situations.
- finally fixed Centaur collision mesh so its correct now.
- improved hull values of Elite

- Panther added for fallen splits, so they can build it with DeadAirs Gate Overhaul installed.
- cargo drones are faster and more maneuverable
- improved Rattlesnake loadouts to decrease amount of under-equipped ships

Translation and Encyclopedia update
- Added RU translation, thanks to Blazard
- Updated English text, German, French, Japanese translations (thanks to o-papaya-o, UH-XTC, UresiiZo and Le Leon)
- Updated names and Encyclopedia entries for all turrets to have M-L size distinction
- Updated names and Encyclopedia entries for all weapons with color code and prefixed to distinguish between weapon sizes and classes better (thanks to Le Leon for idea and implementation)

Version 2.1.7 "Xenon Life"
Fully compatible with previous saves.

I decided to make this patch to counter all the complains about the Xenons and it took a lot of testing and many changes to make the game with FE more balanced for faction warfare (Xenons in particular). While its fully compatible with old saves due to change in Xenon stats and some of their jobs results may very, all tests were performed on new games but if in your save Xenons are not in very bad position they should be able to recover either fully or to some degree.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All this balance and tests were done for VRO + FE, if you are using some shippacks that may add more ships to factions and not to Xenons I suggest to use FOCW mod and configure it to your liking. To know how each shippack adds ships please check/ask in the appropriate mod thread on Egosoft forum as I may not know the details and its impossible for me to balance VRO taking into account all possible mod combinations.

Important general change:
Due to overall increase in range and damage output of L turrets in VRO stations became very powerful, sometimes leading to situation when Ore refinery has around 80 L PPC turrets that can annihilate whole fleets. To balance this out all station defense modules have decreased amount of possible installed turrets by half, I tried to maintain overall turret coverage. This is compatible with savegames and all those extra turrets will be removed upon load. To compensate this HP of defense modules was increased slightly (to destroyer level per module)

Xenon Changes:
- FE mod nerfs to Xenon economy are reverted, VRO Xenons do not need slower economy, they are more balanced faction.
- Speed of Xenon miners/transports was increased to other faction miners level.
- K, V and I surviveability increased, maneuverability and speed decreased a bit.
- slight increase in possible K, V and I numbers to make xenon clusters less random.
- K and V now has top L turret to counter easy use of blind spot by small fighters. Top M turrets now have shields.
- K replaced pair of Phase Cannons to xPPCs. V replaced pair of Cruise Missile Turrets to Phase Cannons, Cruise Missiles reload rate increased to compensate. K and V are more distinct in stats.
- K, V and I shield regeneration increased slightly.
- small adjustments to Xenon weapons damage and behavior
- tiny boost to N and M surviveability
- some Xenon L turrets gained more HP

Other changes:
- Missile descriptions were updated with more information (not all languages but they will come)
- All L and XL combat ships received small hull points boost.
- Decreased overall amount of deployables for ships, this will be more balanced and NPC ships will consume less amount of resources during construction.
- Khaak weapons updated to other factions levels.
- tweaks to Muon and Rail guns for them to make more sense
- tweaks to missiles that may counter few reports about missiles launching rarely from turrets.
- tweaks to OOS modifiers to nerf Split Rattlesnake overwhelming damage.
- tweaks to some turrets parameters to make them less prone to "not firing at fighters" situations.
- amount of battleships per faction decreased slightly
- small tweaks here and there

- updated Jobs to be compatible with DeadAirs Overhaul mod (and potentially any other mod that changes these values from vanilla)
- updated all translations (thanks to o-papaya-o, UH-XTC, UresiiZo and Le Leon)

Version 2.1.6
Fully compatible with previous saves.
Seems latest update 4.7 to Faction Enhancer (and VRO i meant to be played with it) made other factions to be better at their offensive against Xenons so I release this update in an attempt to to counter this.

- reverted most nerfs to Xenons made after 2.1 release
- Xenon turrets now has more HP so its harder to disable them
- removed boost to defense platforms HP as they are already very powerful and Xenons (and other factions) had trouble destroying them even with a fleet.
Version 2.1.5
Fully compatible with previous saves.

- update to missile wares so xenons do not stock missile components and smart chips at their warfs and shipyards
- added a script that will run when game is loaded (only one time per game) that will restock basic resources and remove missile components and smart chips from Xenon warfs and shipyards. This will also help to Xenons affected by previous over-nerf to reset their economy.

Version 2.1.4
Fully compatible with previous saves.
- decreased prices of high-yield missiles, they were a bit too expensive (done in 2.1.3 but forgot to mention)
- Xenon changes: after consulting with FE author I removed all cost increases for Xenons ships, only increase in build time for large ships remains. This will still make Xenons to build up forces for longer between invasions with capital ships but will not screw with their economy anymore.
- possible fix for Plasma M and Heavy Lance L turrets not firing sometimes at fighters

Version 2.1.3
Fully compatible with previous saves.
- increased damage of Cyclones a bit
- slight change to OOS combat modifiers in hope to make it a bit better
- reverted some nerf to Xenons made in 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 after reports about passive Xenons, give game around 3-5 hours to stabilize.
- added license requirements to missiles, no effect on gameplay, just wanted to remove debug entries

Version 2.1.2
Fully compatible with previous saves.
- rework of scan radius - default scan radius was set to vanilla value of 40, but all combat L and XL ships have it changed to different values, so it is more varied. Having larger scan radius only on military ships helps performance.
- looked once more at xenon production costs, made it a bit more balanced not to overnerf them.
- updated split Panther, Cobra and Dragon stats
- slightly increased strafe thrust for M, L and XL thrusters.
- material cost of Raptor and Rattlesnake was changed, require less hull parts but compensated by much larger requirement in energy cells
- small balance fix in split ion weapons and Alpha Mass Driver
- fixed excessive split Raptor carrier wings (had too many fighters)
- fixed hull value of argon M flak cannon
- fixed excessive M ship capacities of Construction vessels
- updated Japanese translation

Version 2.1.1
- increased cost and production time of Xenon P and Xenon K, this should slow down Xenon expansion a bit more.
- decreased sensor range for L ships from 60km to 50km and for XL ships from 80km to 60km. This is a test change to see if itll improve performance for those people who suffer a hit. Please submit feedback.
- added Panther internal generator to encyclopedia
- updated Panther description (was set to Shrike entry)
- fixed the price of Rattlesnake was lower then expected

Version 2.1 "Panther" update
- Split Panther L-size frigate light-carrier, can repair and rearm fighters. (Thanks to SirFrancisDrake and BrummBear for helping with this one)
- French translation thanks to o-papaya-o
- German translation thanks to UH-XTC
- Japanese translation thanks to UresiiZo
- review of some Split L and M ships, Dragons are faster and with better shielding, Cobra is faster and more maneuverable, tweaks to other ships.
- missile update - most high-tier missiles and torpedoes got a boost in damage to be more balanced for their cost, missile storage of gunships was a bit reduced
- increased hp of station defense modules a bit
- minor tweaks here an there
Xenon changes:
- slight decrease of damage output for most weapons and re-balance of L turrets
- Xenon P is slower and more clunky
- Xenon I cost in materials and building time are doubled, this will make it slower to invade and rebuild after its destroyed and will drain more resources from building other Xenon ships.
- fix in some weapon groups for Shrike
- numerous fixes in texts

Version 2.0
- See updated title page

Pre-2.0 versions:



Version 1.96

- Teladi Phoenix turrets were moved to better location. To update player Phoenixes plese do the following:
1. Sell current L turrets from the ship on shipyard/EQ dock
2. Let the ship undock
3. Buy L turrets again, they now should be on correct new locations
- Khaak stations are now destructible
- ARG, TEL, PAR now can have up to 2 carrier groups. Carrier groups now have more fighters (in vanilla its 6-10 fighters per carrier [MOD] Variety and Rebalance Overhaul (VRO) 4.x (1) )

- small adjustment of firepower for all L turrets to make them a bit more balanced against each other
- Khaak fighters a bit lowered health
- plasma bomb rebalanced a bit, was OP in players hands

- fixed few effect that could cause fps drop
- Khaak Forager was lacking co*ckpit so was not able to move or do any order. fix will influence only newly spawned ships

Version 1.95

- Argon and Teladi bombers now get new weapon slot.
- Plasma Bomb weapon for bombers that deals pure hull damage through shields

- updates to Teladi buzzard(+1 shield), Stork (+1 shield) and Condor (moved turret) (thanks to RoverTX!!) Please upgrade your ships in shipyard/warf
- missile sounds updated

- rebalance of L and XL combat and resupply ships hull and speed values
- rebalance of L and XL thrusters to make them more variable
- rebalance to M shields - they are a bit more robust
- small rebalance to S fighters
- rebalance of few small weapons

Version 1.9

- Addition of Xenon missile destroyer V with accompanying long-range cruise missile and anti-fighter missile
- Xenon P now has additional missile launcher

- Ion weapons have even more anti-shield damage, but lower anti-hull
- Shotgun-type weapons have damage fall-off and are more powerful on close range
- S and M pulse and beam weapons damage increased
- some tweaks to paranid fighters so they are a bit more maneuvarable. small tweaks to other fighters
- Xenon N and M are now very different light and heavy fighters.
- due to 2.6 improvement to faction economies Xenon destroyers have a bit more hull, Xenon K now wields a pair of Xenon Maulers instead of Obliterators
- small tweaks here and there

Note: M turrets are still not destructible as provided fix in 2.6 was not as good as I hoped, ill continue tests and will try to find a solution.

Version 1.8

Balance pass:
- Fighters were rebalanced: more distinction between light and heavies fighters, HP levels have gotten lower in general, some lighter fighters became faster (e.g. Falcon), some heavy fighters became slower (e.g. Buzzard), some lighter ships now have better handling.
- N is now fast interceptor with low HP, M is now a much slower heavy fighter with double the shields.

Version 1.7
- new Xenon long-range large turret mounted only on I and stations.
- Heavy Lance is now a real beam, while its AI usage can sometimes be weird it should be fine in general, and this also resolves the issue with self-hitting with it.
Balance pass:
- very minor tweak to DPS of some weapons
- Oddy nerfed once more, HP and shield power
- small update to loadout rules, now even more varied.

Version 1.62
- updated previously untouched Khaak weapons in line with other modded weapons
- some bugfixes
Balance pass:
- all missiles reload time increased 2x times, to compensate damage increased as well
- Xenon K will now have 4 additional M turrets on its top (only for newly built Ks)
- Slightly increased HP of K
- Slightly increased HP of I
- Slightly increased damage output of Xenon Obliterator Beam
- Decreased HP of Odysseys

Version 1.61

Version 1.6
NEW: FLAK L turret, low-damage, high-high preciesion turret (may change if ill find a way to detonate projectile near tartget
NEW: Cruise missile L turret - slow powerful missile for anti-cap job, useful on defence platforms, and AI actually uses them for that as well
Major changes:
- Battleships were ranamed to not conflict with ressuply ships
- balance pass, every single weapon was updated, most smaller weapons did get a sloight buff, some M weapons as well
- L turrets thresholds/prices updated to make the usage of them by AI more varied
- all weapon descriptions were updated to include real weapons parameters, like Shields DPS, Hull DPS and ALPHA(1-shot power). Remember, weapon usefulness comes not only from DPS, but behaviour is very important as well, adn damage characteristic may be a bit misleading.
- updated even more graphics and sounds of some weapons.
- fixed some bugs here and there.
-Added French transaltion thanks to PaPaYa!!!

- Corrected bug that prevented application of balance changes to all Xenon ships, you will learn to fear them
- Re-balanced L turrets a bit, range of Xenon beam is now 17km but bugged damage a bit. Annihilator is now also 17km with decrease in accuracy and tiny bit in damage. This was done to prevent easy kiting by Xenon destroyers of defence platforms.
- Minor tweaks to ship balance (teladi fighters more durable etc)
- small re-balance of shield recharge rates, it will be more noticeable, especially on M ships.
- tweaks and corrections to text files
- updates to some impact graphics and sounds

New: all weapons now have very brief in-flaff description.
New: Faction Battleships mod now integrated, you will be able to buy new battleships, Ai will use them as well to patrol sectors.

- made a small balance pass on all weapons, shotguns have more damage, ion weapons have more shield damage, Xenon beam weapon has slight increase in damage output
- updated some impact graphic effects of small weapons and their sounds
- buffed M shields a bit
- some polishing and bug fixing

- slight rebalance of travel engines as they were superior in every aspect over all-round
- slight rebalance of M freighters, scouts and Paranid Destroyer speeds
- rebalance of L turret weapons - damage reduced a bit to make fights between L ships a bit longer, Heavy lance is not the ultimate killer now
- updated few effects for weapons
- Xenon L beam is now true beam, as xenons tend to stay on target more than other factions the "beam problem" is not that severe with them

-fix: Heavy Lance lifetime reduced by half to exclude situations were beam hits firing ship if ship itself moves fast.

1.2 (all changes are save compatible/FOCW compatible)
- All weapon names were updated
- changes to prices of destroyers and carriers - they cost more as they are more beefy and harder to take down by a fleet of smaller ships.
- slightly improved Destroyers handling, as this was a bit overdone, especially for Teladies
- light increase in dps of Blaster, chain gun, CIWS and Scatter turret. Slight decrease in dps of Reaper Cannon. Increase slightly HP of Xenon P
- slightly changed loadout rules to force some weapons to appear more on top NPC fleets, as in vanilla they used only beams as this was top of the line gun.
- updated graphics of Blaster and Burst cannon to red.

- rebalanced engine HP
- a bit decrease in M and L turrets damage as they were OP
- all M turrests are now integrated and cannot be destroyed, this is to counter vanilla bug that leads to destruction of all turrets in OOS making capital ships useless and die to fighters easily in OOS. Engines, Shields and L weapons can still be destroyed.
- changed some impact effects of plasma and pulse guns

1.0.2 - removed debug script to spawn fleets on new game start
1.0.1 - fixes to ship dock capacities of L and XL ships

[MOD] Variety and Rebalance Overhaul (VRO) 4.x (2024)
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