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  • Taffy Dye · Committed Anniversary... · Decade Anniversary... · Bubblegum Dye

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  • L · Lemon Sherbet Dye · Limesicle Dye. O. Orange Cream Dye. T. Taffy Dye.

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  • Oct 13, 2021 · So I have been sitting on several 9th birthday gifts. In them is a 1-per-account dye pack that has some hella nice unique dyes.

  • So I have been sitting on several 9th birthday gifts. In them is a 1-per-account dye pack that has some hella nice unique dyes. I haven't really played GW2 in years and am returning now. I want to pick one but am having as hard time selecting. There seems to not be a good pink dye, not that I wanna use pink personally atm. Which of the dyes would be best to pick? By that question I mean, which color is harder to come by? I like all of them equally. Here is a link to the Wiki with the box that

4. What am I to do with unuseable birthday dyes - Guild Wars 2

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  • Unidentified Green Dye. 0 ; Delectable Birthday Dyes. 0 ; Unidentified Orange Dye. 0 ; Unidentified Purple Dye. 0 ...

  • A GW2 Database, List of all existing items in Guild Wars 2

dye - Database - GW2BLTC

6. Delectable birthday dye. Bubblegum ... - Video help, tips, and techniques

  • Jun 22, 2024 · Bubblegum Dye is an exclusive dye from the Delectable Birthday Dyes Delectable birthday dye ... Delectable Birthday Dyes dyes" Lemon Sherbet Dye ...

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  • Choose one unique Delectable Birthday Dye color. Account Bound on Acquire. Not ... "name": "Delectable Birthday Dyes",. "description": "Choose one unique ...

  • Guild Wars 2 Database and tool collection

Delectable Birthday Dyes -

8. Dirty Dan's Delectable Dyes - Marketspread

  • I run a store in Chester, The Hippie Haven, where I sell my tie dyes and other assorted hippie goods, like patches and pins and musical instruments. Programs ...

  • I make tie dye(shirts, pants, onesies, tapestries, etc. If it's a plant based fiber I'll dye it!). I run a store in Chester, The Hippie Haven, where I sell my …

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  • You have to provide an official Guild Wars 2 API key to use this page. API keys are free and completely safe. Click the button below to head over to the ...

  • gw2efficiency is your helpful companion for everything Guild Wars 2 related.

10. Facilities - Dyes Walk Country Club

  • With multiple menu options available, Chef Jeff and staff will create a delectable menu for you and your guests. ... birthday parties. It can comfortably ...

  • Facilities at Dye’s Walk With a variety of beautiful spaces suitable for every size event, Dye’s Walk Country Club offers the perfect venue for your special event or private party. […]

Facilities - Dyes Walk Country Club

11. Celebratory dye pack. Dye bottles can also be recycled in the Mystic Forge ...

  • Jun 22, 2024 · Dedicated Dye Kit; Delectable Birthday Dyes; Dragon's Watch Dye Pack; Dye/By Color; Dye/By Material; Dye/By Set; Dye/Exclusive colors; E.

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12. Birthday Party! Pink White Chocolate Frosting! - delectable

  • Sep 26, 2010 · ... dyes. Thank you for baking and for blogging about it. We're honored to have been part of your celebration. –India Tree. Reply · delectableblog ...

  • Today was Z’s 1st Birthday Party! It was a group effort – I baked, MZ designed, organised, invited and created all the gifts, BSA Quality Controled and Julia arranged the flowers (arent…

Birthday Party! Pink White Chocolate Frosting! - delectable

13. Birthday Cake Fragrance Oil: Vanilla & Strawberry Scent

  • Dyes · Wax Tart Kits. Specials. Specials. Shop All Specials · Sale & Clearance ... Middle Notes: Delectable strawberry swirled with lush sponge and strawberry ...

  • Indulge your home with the delightful scent of Birthday Cake Fragrance Oil; strawberry, vanilla, and cream notes create a luscious aroma. Perfect for any space!

Birthday Cake Fragrance Oil: Vanilla & Strawberry Scent
Delectable Birthday Dyes (2024)


What is the most expensive dye kit gw2? ›

Right now the most expensive dye costs 999 gold (4185 gems). So it's only worth buying if you want that one dye. edit: Yea you get more than 3 dyes but still you are better of buying them directly or wait for a drop in the BLC or aas a birthday gift.

How do you check your birthday in gw2? ›

You can type /age in the in-game chat window to see the number of days since your character was created, and just how far they are from their next birthday gift.

Can you dye outfits in Guild Wars 2? ›

Every outfit can be dyed and has up to four dye channels to customize colors uniformly across the entire outfit. Outfits cannot be combined with any other armor skins, except for back items. Applying an outfit does not cost any Transmutation Charge and it is possible to change it without any restriction.

What are the rarest dyes? ›

No color has arguably done so more than the color purple. Specifically, Tyrian purple, the production of which was a closely guarded secret for millennia, making the dye the rarest and most expensive color in history.

What are the whitest dyes in gw2? ›

Celestial Dye is the "whitest" non-gemstore dye and is typically a cheaper option than Permafrost.

How old is my gw2 character? ›

Character ageEdit

A character's age can be displayed using the chat command "/age".

Is there a black dye in gw2? ›

There are a bunch of black dyes, with varying degrees of other colour tints, shininess and actual blackness. Some likely candidates are Abyss, Shadow Abyss, Tar, Glossy Black, and that old favourite, Black. Note, none of these are core colours.

Is Guild Wars 2 gender locked? ›


Every race has the same options for gender in step two: male or female. Aside from physical appearance and some dialogue, there are no gameplay differences between them.

Is dyeing free in gw2? ›

The dye system is available as soon as your first character reaches level 6, and from there you have your entire palette of unlocked colors to repaint any of your characters an unlimited amount of times for free.

What is the most expensive dye to make? ›

It is the oldest, most well-known, most expensive, most prestigious and most vivid dye or pigment. Tyrian purple comes from marine molluscs of the Muricidae family and the colour precursors are contained in the hypobranchial gland.

What is the most expensive blue dye? ›

Ultramarine is a deep blue color pigment which was originally made by grinding lapis lazuli into a powder. Its lengthy grinding and washing process makes the natural pigment quite valuable—roughly ten times more expensive than the stone it comes from and as expensive as gold.

What is the most expensive food in gw2? ›

Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup (usually shortened to BoSaSBnSS or Butternut Soup) is by far the most expensive food to purchase, but is the only top tier food with ferocity as well as power. While training, it may be in your best interests to use budget food instead, particularly the +100 Power foods.

What is the highest bag slot in gw2? ›

Characters on a free account have 3 bag slots unlocked, characters on a paid account (core game or with either expansion) have 5 bag slots unlocked. Additional bag slots can be unlocked through the Gem Store purchase on a per-character basis, for a total of 14 bag slots per character.

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