All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (2024)

With nine classes and a further two specializations each, the Tarisland classes offer a great deal of variety for budding adventurers. Whether you’re here for the story, dungeons, or the PvP battles, it’s a good idea to know the best Tarisland class before going in. After all, Tarisland is an MMORPG, so you can expect to be spending quite a lot of time as your chosen class. Our Tarisland tier list will help you make the right decision for you.

Each class and specialization in Tarisland comes with a unique playstyle and set of skills that sets them apart from one another. This is what makes some better than others when it comes to certain activities. If you want to play Tarisland on other platforms, find out if Tarisland is coming to console. For more on the developer Level Infinite, check out our Honor of Kings tier list as well.

Tarisland Tier List

The best classes in Tarisland are:

Tarisland Tier List - PvE


Barbarian (Thunder - DPS)

Barbarian (Frozen - Tank)

Bard (Harmony - Healer)

Bard (Solo - DPS)

Priest (Faith - DPS)


Paladin (Guard - Tank)

Priest (Pray - Healer)

Shadow Swordsman (Cunning/Duel - DPS)

Phantom Necro (Soul Healing - Healer)

Ranger (Tamed Beast/Hunting - DPS)

Warrior (War Shield - Tank)


Paladin (Justice - DPS)

Warrior (Rage - DPS)

Mage (Frost/Flame - DPS)


Phantom Necro (Soul Snatch - DPS)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (1)

The Barbarian stands out as arguably the best class in Tarisland. Whether you’re playing with the Thunder specialization for DPS or the Frozen specialization to fill a tank role, the Barbarian Fighter can do it all - and do it all well. If you’re looking for a strong but beginner-friendly class, Barbarian is a good choice.

The Bard is another powerful option. Able to fill both DPS and healer roles, the Bard is great for both PvE and PvP activities. As a DPS, the Bard deals relatively high damage while also providing buffs. Meanwhile, as a healer, the Bard can dish out strong AoE heals, which is a lifesaver in endgame PvE.

While not quite as versatile as the likes of the Ranger, Shadow Swordsman, Barbarian, or Bard, the Priest’s Faith (DPS) specialization is all about high burst damage. In short damage windows in PvE and PvP, the Priest has you covered. Though its Pray (healing) specialization isn’t quite as strong as the Bard, it’s still a worthy support class.

If you’re focused primarily on PvP, then you’ll want to be aware that the Tarisland class tier list for PvP does look a little different:

Tarisland Tier List - PvP


Mage (Frost/Flame - DPS)

Paladin (Justice - DPS)

Ranger (Tamed Beast/Hunting - DPS)

Phantom Necro (Soul Healing - Healer)

Shadow Swordsman (Cunning/Duel - DPS)

Priest (Faith - DPS)


Barbarian (Thunder - DPS)

Barbarian (Frozen - Tank)

Bard (Solo - DPS)

Bard (Harmony - Healer)

Warrior (Rage - DPS)


Paladin (Guard - Tank)

Warrior (War Shield - Tank)


Phantom Necro (Soul Snatch - DPS)

Priest (Pray - Healer)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (2)

Mage and Paladin DPS rule the roost thanks to great stuns that let your team squeeze in some extra damage. They can be tricky to get to grips with but once you do, they’re a force to be reckoned with. On that note, the Priest DPS, Shadow Swordsman, and Ranger are perfect for burst damage, allowing you to quickly burn through enemy health before healers can undo your hard work. On the other hand, Phantom Necro Healer excels due to its strong healing and utility that will help your team.

With surprisingly strong class balancing, there aren’t any bad classes in Tarisland, which is a welcome relief if you’re an MMO veteran. All nine classes can succeed in both endgame PvE and PvP in their respective roles, some just have a slightly easier time or offer unique bonuses that help them come out ahead. Since classes are also gender-locked, it’s generally best to pick whichever class you prefer the design and gameplay of.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations

There are a total of nine classes in Tarisland currently, each with two specializations that augment their roles in combat, such as tailoring them for damage, tanking, or support.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (3)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (4)

Credit: Level Infinite.

Barbarian Fighter

The Barbarian Fighter is a hulking beast that can harness lighting and ice to deal damage or tank within melee range.

Frozen Specialization

The Frozen specialization harnesses the power of ice to make the Barbarian Fighter into more of a tank. With increased healing and damage reduction, Frost Barbarians can lead the team from the frontlines, soaking up damage in their place.

Thunder Specialization

The Thunder specialization focuses on dealing increased damage. By properly managing your energy, you can dish out high burst damage with thunderous attacks in melee range. If you’re looking for a close-range DPS, Thunder Barbarian is the way to go.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (5)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (6)

Credit: Level Infinite.


The Bard uses the power of music to dish out heavy ranged damage or restorative healing and buffs to your team.

Solo Specialization

The Solo specialization turns the Bard into a ranged DPS. However, they don’t lose their supportive identity. The Solo Bard can still buff itself and allies, and debuff enemies to improve your team’s effectiveness. This is a powerful boon in both PvE and PvP.

Harmony Specialization

The Harmony specialization furthers the Bard’s ranged healing role. From providing healing to offering damage reduction and other buffs, the Harmony Bard keeps your team in the fight. With great AoE healing, the Harmony Bard is the go-to support in PvE and PvP.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (7)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (8)

Credit: Level Infinite.


The Mage is through and through a ranged damage dealer, with both specializations focused on augmenting their damage potential. You have to keep your distance to survive as a Mage.

Frost Specialization

The Mage’s Frost specialization focuses on spells that freeze or slow enemies to control the battlefield. This gives you and your team more opportunity to deal sustained or burst damage. Pair this with a Faith Priest or Shadow Swordsman for a devastating combo.

Fire Specialization

The Fire specialization for the Mage is all about dealing as much damage as possible. You’ll be able to cast more while moving, making them easier to play in endgame PvE and PvP. They still have access to various crowd control effects though, don’t worry.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (9)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (10)

Credit: Level Infinite.


As you’d expect, the Paladin is a stalwart fighter, able to deal damage and heal with magic. This makes them a versatile but often clunky class to play.

Justice Specialization

The Paladin’s Justice specialization is built around increasing your damage with heavy sword and hammer blows. They have access to several AoE attacks, buffs, and even the Justice Thumb finisher which deals bonus damage to low HP targets.

Guard Specialization

Mastering the art of defense, the Guard specialization for the Paladin aims to turn this class into a full-on tank. Able to heal and generate shields while still fighting back with holy attacks, the Guard Paladin is a sturdy brawler.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (11)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (12)

Credit: Level Infinite.

Phantom Necro

If you want to be a master of the undead, then the Phantom Necro was made for you. Able to control souls to either damage or heal, the Phantom Necro is a versatile albeit often relatively weak class compared to the competition.

Soul Healing Specialization

The Soul Healing specialization, as you might have guessed, turns the Phantom Necro into a healer. By soothing souls, the Soul Healing Phantom Necro can heal allies with strong single-target heals and apply buffs like life-steal to keep the team in the fight. This specialization’s main feature, however, is Dutara Flower, which is a special resource that is used for bigger heals and damage mitigation.

Soul Snatch Specialization

The Soul Snatch specialization is the Phantom Necro’s damage path. By maintaining soul energy, you can cast more powerful spells like Spectral and Enhanced Soul Arrow that increase your overall DPS. With summons and buffs, the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro is a fun but initially clunky class.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (13)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (14)

Credit: Level Infinite.


The Priest uses holy energy to heal allies or ward off evil, specializing in either ranged damage or healing. Naturally, they can apply a variety of handy buffs that empower your allies, making them great in endgame PvE and PvP.

Prayer Specialization

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The Priest’s Prayer specialization is centered around increasing healing output. By channelling radiant light, the Priest can restore allies’ health, increase damage mitigation, and more. However, it’s worth pointing out that the Prayer specialization is rather stationary. Although it can offer great burst heals, it’s a bit finicky to pull off in encounters that involve more frequent repositioning.

Faith Specialization

The Faith specialization is the Priest’s damage dealer option. This specialization gives you the choice between strong sustain damage or high burst damage, which largely depends on the content you’re doing. Nevertheless, Faith Priests are single-target DPS characters, so add-clearing and target-switching can get in the way of the fun.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (15)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (16)

Credit: Level Infinite.


With both specializations focusing on damage output, the Ranger is a… ranged DPS class and nothing more. However, they do this role well in both PvE and PvP, so although limited in scope, the Ranger is still a powerful choice.

Tamed Beast

The Ranger’s Tamed Beast specialization takes advantage of their ability to communicate with animals to fight alongside them. The goal is to summon an animal and increase both your and your companion's damage using the Power of the Beast. Pair this with a diverse set of single-target, damage-over-time, and area-of-effect skills, and you’ve got one versatile class.

Hunting Specialization

The Hunting specialization focuses on the Ranger’s archery skills for a more straightforward DPS loop than the Tamed Beast. Due to its Stability class effect, the Hunting Ranger benefits from remaining stationary at a distance to prime powerful attacks with its bow.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (17)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (18)

Credit: Level Infinite.

Shadow Swordsman

Ah - the assassin. A staple MMORPG class, Tarisland’s take on the assassin or rogue is the Shadow Swordsman. As a melee DPS, the Shadow Swordsman needs to get up close and personal using either poisons or the shadows to take enemies down.

Cunning Specialization
The Shadow Swordsman’s Cunning specialization turns them into a master of poison and toxins. By spending Energy to raise your Poison meter, you can cast Deadly Poison to inflict a powerful damage-over-time attack that works great on more tanky enemies in PvE and PvP.

Dueling Specialization

The Dueling Specialization is similarly focused on dealing damage, but more so on initial burst damage from the shadows. You’ll need to carefully manage your ability cooldowns to maximize the Roulette Showdown buff which has a chance to massively increase the damage of certain attacks.

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (19)

All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (20)

Credit: Level Infinite.


The Warrior is a hardy DPS or tank class, depending on your specialization, which plants itself on the frontlines to brawl with the enemy. They’re relatively straightforward and incredibly powerful in both PvE and PvP activities, so you can’t go wrong picking the Warrior.

War Shield Specialization

As the name suggests, the War Shield specialization is the Warrior’s tanking path. With more defensive skills and a shield, the Warrior can block and disrupt the enemy, as well as buff their own resilience and generate protective shields. The goal is to block as many attacks as you can to increase your survivability and take hits for the team.

Rage Specialization

Another straightforward augment, the Warrior’s Rage specialization turns it into a swirling ball of anger with its blades. By harnessing its inner fury, the Rage Warrior can improve its self-defense all while delivering devastating blow after devastating blow to the enemy. By generating Rage, it can be spent on Fury Blade to deal massive single-target damage.

That covers all the Tarisland classes and specializations. Now you have a clear overview of which one to pick using our class tier list. Remember, Tarisland is an MMORPG, so you’ll be spending many, many hours with your character so it’s important to choose the right one for you. Check out the best MMO games to find your next big RPG as well.

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All Tarisland Classes and Specializations Ranked (2024)


What is the best class in Tarisland? ›

While it is too early to judge, Ranger is considered Tarisland best class according to many Reddit users when it comes to endgame activities; Mage should be another class to excel at endgame content. The reason for this is that it is the only ranged caster specializing in dealing damage only.

Is Tarisland playable? ›

Yes, Tarisland is a free game available for Android, iOS, and PC.

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What is the level cap in Tarisland? ›

When the increasing level caps stop, the max level in Tarisland will be level 40. It's unlikely this max level is going to change even after Tarisland has been out for a while, but obviously, things can change over time.

Are Tarisland classes gender locked? ›

After Paladin and Mage, Tarisland's developers will eventually introduce dual-gender options to all classes. Gender-locked classes are a major subject of debate within the broader MMORPG community.

Is Tarisland NFT? ›

Second point of this question, there is no Pay to Win (they reinforce this a lot), no NFT and especially no Auto-Play.

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